The Papua New Guinea Computer Society
PNG Computer Society Annual seminar

PNG Computer Society Annual seminar

The Papua New Guinea Computer Society Inc held its 2015 Annual Seminar this afternoon at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Port Moresby.
This saw IT Professionals from private sector and government, as well as interested individuals and students attending the seminar to hear from ICT Professionals on the latest development of ICT around the globe as well as what is expected for PNG to adapt to changes in ICT products and services.
The Minister for Information & Communication, Jimmy Miringtoro was not present to officiate at the seminar but notable presentations came from representatives from GOOGLE, DELL, RICOH and other ICT Companies on the way forward in improving ICT in PNG as well as touch base on latest ICT developments around the world.
Furthermore, Internet cost in the country is very high due to the fact that our Internet Service Providers get their transits from Australia which is recognised as the only country in the world that has the highest transit cost compared to other countries.
According to Mr Reeves Papaol, who is a member of the Alumini Google Group in PNG, he says the best option now for PNG to reduce Internet costs in the country is to look at Peering which will definitely cut internet transport cost in the country.
Mr Papaol also mention while giving his seminar presentation on how PNG can utilize options to reduce internet cost in the country.
“With the launching of the ICT Chapter recently by NICTA, the government can try to work together with ISP in the country to venture into peering so that costs of internet in the country can be reduced

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